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Sunday, June 25, 2006

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Museum Madness and How collecting specimens can be hazardous to your health, la deuxième partie

Shooting variegated mountain crickets can be dangerous just like tearing up the streets of Salzburg 102 years ago but not as bad as hiking with a clumsy Ornithologist. (we all know of one)

Alexander, Boyd (Lt) 1873-1910

Died: 2 Apr 1910 (murdered by tribesmen in the Sudan) ...complained about the food?

Erlanger Carlo (Freiherr von) 1872-1904

Died: 4 Sept 1904 (in a motor car accident!) in Salzburg

Heermann, Adolphus 1827-1865

Born: Probably South Carolina about 1827 M.D. degree Univ. Maryland. 1846

Died: Sept. 2, 1865 San Antonio, Tx.

Evidently stumbled and fell while collecting; his gun going off and killing him.

and this is where its from...

(ref. Hume. 1942. Ornithologists of the Unites States Army Medical Corps. pp.190 205)

This last one may give some of you ideas


Scourge of multiple Authors and Ornithologist's

Monday, June 12, 2006

Museum Madness and How collecting specimens can be hazardous to your health

Wagler, Johann Georg 1800-1832

Munich, Director of Zoological Museum Univ. Munich

Died from accidental self inflicted wound from shotgun, while collecting.

(doesn’t say what, though it could have been the variegated mountain cricket, a tough critter)

There are more but too many at once will do things to your internal organs so you have to take just a few at a time

Here is another taste.

Wahlberg, Johan August 1810-1856

Died: 6 Mar 1856 (killed by an elephant)


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Happy Graduation Day 1/2 of LibStudGang!!!

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