I don't wanna, I don't wanna, I don't wanna!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Howdy peeps. On Sat. we had a quick chat about going to see Ross Noble at the Comedy festival, and I was wondering how many of ya'll would be interested? If you want more info on him you can go to ross noble or at

Dates: Thurs 13 April to Sat 22 April
Location: Melbourne Town Hall
Ticket prices:
Full $35
Conc $28
Group (10+) $30
Tightarse(Tues) $28
Show starts: 8pm
Length: 140min

You can indicate your interest here on the blog or you can call me or Grifty or Beardy or which ever gang member's number you happen to have (lol) and they'll let one of us know. Also mention which dates would be good/bad for you. If we can get more than 10 people, we can get Group tickets. Please respond asap, that way we can get good seats, and not end up sitting behind a large pillar like we ended up doing one year.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Petr while looking forward to Friday is in great pain, more like grating pain. My left hip where the thigh bone conects to the hip bone is the source of the trouble. This is something I woke up with on Monday and it makes it difficult to walk, sit, lie/lay down , any movement really and because the laying down part it makes it hard to sleep.

What does this mean? it means I'll still be there on Friday. and if not I'll let the Grifty's know on Thursday evening. On Friday I am expected to pat baby animal/be fed to angry wild animal, you see I drew the short straw or rather my proxy drew the short straw. I do expect to be better by Friday.

Medication... I will be taking all offers and all medication EG: pills, powders, liquids, gases, let no Chemist, let no Pharmacy or Whitegoods store be untouched.

I have photos to share.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Okay, here is the casting Agency Add's I found.

Jill's Casting Agency (est. 1975)
Requires new Members for Promotion.
Please email your interest to
(no attach) or post to
P.O Box 57, The Basin 3154
for information on our March 1st Intake.

There was another one but I have seemed to have lost it.

Abbey (Anyone else can contact me if they wanna go to any of thses as well):
Here are some concerts that look cool. I have just been reading the lastest BEAT going... oh wow, i like them, and them, and them...

Push Over 2006
Luna Park Melbourne, VIC on Mon 13 Mar 2006 10:30am

Grinspoon - Frenzal Rhomb - The Hot Lies - Butterfingers - Parkway Drive The Getaway Plan - The Gingers - Equills - Jezroc - MC Mantra

Push It Hip Hop Arena - FReeZA Push Start Grand Final - free Luna Park rides

Featuring some of the most exciting bands on the Oz Music scene, PUSH OVER 2006 presents all ages favourites Grinspoon, Frenzal Rhomb, The Hot Lies, Butterfingers, Parkway Drive, The Getaway Plan and The Gingers. The day also includes the FReeZA Push Start Grand Final with Sons of Messengers, Newskin, Lamort, Crimson Flames, Know Such Luck, Taboo and Paperhouse plus more finalists to be announced all competing for the top spot.

For those who like it funky, the Push It! Hip Hop Arena returns with a vengeance, featuring Equills, Jezroc, MC Mantra plus Emcee, Beatbox and Breakin' battles and more.

With free unlimited Luna Park rides all day included in the PUSH OVER 2006 ticket price, there will also be artist signings in the ever spooky Ghost Train, heaps of market stalls and a food court that includes vegetarian treats.

RUNNING TIMES: 10:30am : Start
2:05-2:35pm : THE GINGERS
2:55-3:25pm : THE GETAWAY PLAN
3:50-4:20pm : PARKWAY DRIVE
4:45-5:15pm : BUTTERFINGERS
5:40-6:10pm : THE HOT LIES
6:40-7:25pm : FRENZAL RHOMB
8:00-9:00pm : GRINSPOON
9:00pm : Finish
Please Note: Running times are approximate and may be subject to change.

Story Of The Year
Supports: Flogging Molly and Emerey.
Saturday May 13 Festival Hall
In July 2002, an unknown band from St.Louis take the stage in the deepest, darkest, remotest corner of the Phoenix, Arizona edition of The Warped Tour. Story Of The Year had arrived – they live for it and deliver.

After a mind blowing 517 shows in 540 days Story Of The Year went back into the studio in early 2005 to unleash In The Wake Of Determination. In what would become one of the standout albums of last year with its stinging, vociferous vocals bursting throughout the album, their music comes across as unapologetically fierce!

The must see show of the year now gets even better as joining Story Of The Year will be the Celtic inspired, punk rock machine that is, Flogging Molly. With their chanting, folksy style anthemic tunes, every day is St.Patricks Day with Flogging Molly.

Rounding out this awe-inspiring bill is the brightest star on the Tooth & Nail roster, Emery. Releasing their sophomore album The Question amongst a flurry of hype, Emery have set themselves above the throng and swept past the overfilled market of fly-by-night screamo and emo bands.

The Living End
Friday May 19th - Festival Hall

Thats all Sorry to take up so much room on the blog everyone.

Yours Cruely,
Liz Of The Dead.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Hey all, Liz Of The Dead here.
Im at school again, re enrolled for this year. But now it is boring because I don't know anyone here. Do not reconginse a single face in my class. You all should just come back to keep me company... haha.
Oh on the weekend, I found jobs for movie/TV extras in the paper. If people still like that idea I will post the job descriptions (there were two, and not doing it now because it is at home).
And people who went on thursday would know the subject "Liz I haven't told anyone this before but..." (it's not that hard to get the idea for those who werent there). I went to MidSumma Carnival. It is a carnival for gays and lesbians. Dan took me there. It was really good. One of my mates who is religious and a bit of a homophobe also went... I had to tell him that there would be more straight people, not just us. It was funny to see his reactions to some of the stuff/people. There was a big giant penis, which was a ride. It was like a machanical bull but instead a penis.
So on that note I shall now leave.

Yours Cruely,
Liz Of The Dead

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hey its Pegleg Annie reporting in'

I am sorry, but I will not be able to come on Thursday, the 9th of February into the city. Also I cannot attend the trots night on 25th of February. Unfortunately I am experiencing a cashflow crisis at the moment! The crisis is called Gemma! What with school fees and all the other Christmas celebrations and two family birthdays in January, things are a bit tight! Fortunately things should recover and will be back on board with our outings as of March! Yeah! Must go Ta Ta for now!

Pegleg Annie

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Yo Petr re the lighting at the exhibit. He that shall not be named did mention in presersation class that bright lights aren't good for textiles. Must of been another class you slept through. But hey who can blame you. Besides the truth is it was you all the time....or perhaps the bulter did it.

I killed the car. One minute it was working the next nothing. Well that's not entirely true, it does make a fun whirr noise when you try and start it. I did everything I knew how to do it get it going...I kicked the tyres. I mean if that doesn't work fixing it is beyond the powers of moral man. Waiting for the car people they don't have to put the car down.

Got to go car is running.