I don't wanna, I don't wanna, I don't wanna!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I got the quote, so here's my next one. Not forgetting there is still one from 'he who hates his nick name'. Or did I miss the answer to that one.
Here goes
Who said to whom, in which movie
Klaatu, Barada, Nikto
(Come to thing of it there many be two answers to this one).
Going with LLD's idea.
Keep your gift hidden on the day. I will bring something to put them in. As I will know who is giving to whom it want matter if I see them.
Picture was fine. Dinner was okay, nothing really special. Company as always was great.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hey Grifty , if you don't want to pull the names randomly out of hat, you could make a list of everyone's name, with everyone assigned a number 1 to 9, and then here on this blog people can choose a number which they wished to be assigned to (those who can't get on the blog can just choose a number and tell you over the phone)
So just pick which number you want and put your name next to it, (you can just do it in 'Edit Post' instead of 'Leave a comment', eg.:
2. Grifty McGrift
3. Petr McPyotr (Russian Twin)
4. Lunch lady Doris
5. Bloodthirsty Beardface
7.Liz Of The Dead
9. Food Porn Queen
And then Grifty will look on her list and assign you the gang member you'll be supplying a present to in a large yellow envelope behind some shipping containers at the docks. Just an idea.


Monday, November 28, 2005

Hey, it's taken me forever to get to post again on this page. My computer at home doesn't like this page for some reason.
I'll be in a Kris Kringle.

Since no one got it:

"Those kids have a rare blood disease: "Stick-it-to-da-man-noisis". "

Is from School Of Rock.

Do I get another go now becasue no one got it???

Here's an easier one:

"Appy-polly-loggies. I had something of a pain in my gulliver so I had to sleep. I was not awakened when I gave orders for awakening."

Liz Of The Dead
Grifty and Peter Mc Peter are done with booklearnin and all that other citified notions
Grifty .... Peter Mc Peter


Thats Mr idiot for the likes of you Grifty
Who put this quote on "Those kids have a rare blood disease: "Stick-it-to-da-man-noisis". I give up where is it from?
By the way he 'who hates his nick name' has already put anohter quote up for us to guess.
Forgot to mention before if you do want the Kringle thing should we put a price limit on it. If so, how much?
Mary has caught up on her marking.
Hello everybody
Do you want to do a Kris Kringle this year? We could exchange gifts when we get together next.
If you do let me know by the 10th Dec. I'll contact everyone that does want to do the Kringle thing and tell them who they are buying for, soon after that date. I'm in, if you are.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

For the trail of crumbs
'It was the kids, they called me Mr Glass'

Friday, November 25, 2005

Hey peeps
Found another one of those "what sort of .....are you?" survey things.
It's "If your life was a movie, what genre would it be?"
My life would be a film noir. Mmm, not sure what to think about that.
Anyway, here is the link:

I'm so happy.
I have my very own Jayne Cobb action figure. May need to get another so I can take it out of the box and play with it.
I may have to find the Mercenary Jayne action figure next.
While in JB HiFi I decided that a stick would be very handy. Don't know if two sticks would be better, 'trying to get to things on the shelf' stick and 'trying to get to the counter' stick. Or would one stick be better? Perhaps one end for one thing the other end for the other. Colour coded of course.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

I haven't gotten anything back from Mary yet. Just checked she isn't here at the moment.
Weird having people do their library tour assignment in the library I work at.
Found another story I like on the web. I've really got to stop doing that. Maybe not.
Didn't you have a job lined up Beardface, as ususal I'm confused.
Hi Everybody
To those that may be interested. There is a Lucy Lawless film on 7 Sunday night at 10.00pm, Locusts: Day of Destruction. Sounds like a real winner.
Also to (well let's face it) the one other person who may be interested Charmed is back at 10.00pm Thursday night.
Got new boots, don't look so much like a hobo now.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I'm in the library. There are library students everywhere, fussin' over their assignments. We were never like that.
Shopped and ate pancakes yesterday. Good day. Pannnnnnnncakkkkkes!!!!!!!
Don't know the quote, can't wait to find out.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hey, Tomorow is my last day of work, then I will be a jobless bum, untill I find a new job, (hopefully soon).

But here is my movie quote:

"Those kids have a rare blood disease: "Stick-it-to-da-man-noisis". "
Arrghh, Bored, Bored, Bored, Bored, Bored. At SBS, nuthing interesting is happening and i've given up trying to hide my complte and utter slackness from others.e

"Of course not, this is a lovely room of death."
Where am I from?
Hint, my all time favourite movie.
Cheers Beers

Monday, November 21, 2005

Next movie quote:
"I live my life a quarter mile at a time"

It kicks Shakespeares' arse, doesn't it?

Tryout's for the Bold and The Beautiful?

Hey, everyone, Im in the computer lab. Im so tired... no sleep, or hardly any. But all in good course, because Abbey or Bloodthristy Beardface and I are going to see MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE on the 16th of December.... yay. Im so excited, another reason to be excited is today.... the last day of classes.... yay...


Friday, November 18, 2005

Hi everybody!
This is my first blog so be gentle.
Chocolate day.....yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
The trip to Sovereign Hill has been postponed. A new date is yet to be decided, best guess late January.
Here's your first (and possibly last) movie quote guess.
Who said in which film
"Call me Sssssnake"

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The door opened and created a crack of light into the black room and slowly you could see that it was full of stuffed birds. They were everywhere and they were all sizes, the birds were on the floor and on the benches. If it was conceivable there was any space left in the black room even just for resting a coffee mug you could bet next time there would be a stuffed bird occupying that same space.

libstud gang member #7
Symbols of oppression #67

During the great neighbourhood water supply wars one of the sides had a caduceus like symbol of a snarling Otter entwined around an adjustable plumbing wrench decorating one of their flags.
Howdy fellow gang members
Love all the new posts - especially old Spikey boy, but I don't know who posted them all - no sigs.
Anyway continue the good work - Stage 1 of World Stick Supply domination should be under way.

ps. Must kill Moe .... weeee!!!

That will be all. Carry on.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Turn It Down And Take It Off!!!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Ape shall not kill Ape
He was a cop, and good at his job. But then he committed the ultimate sin and testified against other cops - gone bad. Cops who tried to kill him, but got the woman he loved instead. Framed for murder, now he prowls the badlands. An outlaw hunting outlaws, a bounty hunter - a RENEGADE!

If he had a stick he would have been fine.
Ukraine: Greenjolly - Razom nas bagato (The Latte Song)

Razom nas bahato, nas ne podolaty
Razom nas bahato, nas ne podolaty
Razom nas bahato, nas ne podolaty
Razom nas bahato, nas ne podolaty
We won't stand this (No), revolution is on
'Cause lies be the weapon of mass destruction
All together we're one, all together we're strong
God be my witness, we've waited too long
Falsifikatsiyam (Ni), mahinatsiyam (Ni)
Ponyatiyam (Ni), ni brehni
Virimo (Tak), mozhemo (Tak)
Znayu peremozhemo (Tak, tak)
Razom nas bahato, nas ne podolaty
Razom nas bahato, nas ne podolaty
Razom nas bahato, nas ne podolaty
Razom nas bahato, nas ne podolaty
What you wanna say to your daughters and sons
You know the battle is not over till the battle is won
Truth be the weapon, we ain't scared of the guns
We stay undefeated, 'cause together we're one
Mi – vzhe razom, mi – nazavzhdi
Mi – Ukraini don'ki i siny
Zaraz yak nikoli, godi chekati
Razom nas bahato, nas ne podolaty
Razom nas bahato (Jest nas wielu)
Nas ne podolaty (Nas nie pokonacie)
Razom nas bahato (Alle wir in allem)
Nas ne podolaty (Sind wir nicht zufallen)
Razom nas bahato (Si estamos juntos)
Nas ne podolaty (Somos invencibles)
Razom nas bahato (V ednote ja nase sila)
Nas ne podolaty (V ednote ja nase sila)
Razom nas bahato (Le peuple uni)
Nas ne podolaty (Ne sera jamais vaincu)
Razom nas bahato
(Vmeste my ediny, my nepobedimy)
Razom nas bahato (Razom)
Nas ne podolaty (Nas ne podolaty)
Razom nas bahato (Razom)
Nas ne podolaty(Razom nas bahato)
Razom nas bahato (Razom)
Nas ne podolaty (Nas ne podolaty)
Razom nas bahato (Razom)
Nas ne podolaty (Razom nas bahato)
Razom nas bahato (Razom)
Nas ne podolaty

Hi all!!!
Good cheese day. I enjoyed myself.

Sorry about the Sovereign Hill trip. I really want to go.
I'm going to try and get out of the birthday weekend to go on the trip instead.

Have a great day Thursday. Let me know how it went.

See ya!!!
Should be doing work now, but instead, messing around on the computer... and in this blog.
So ummmm.... yeah...

Liz Of The Dead
Hi guys.
Just sitting here typing a comment.
Cheese day was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry I can't be there for the trip to Sovereign Hill.
I really want to go though.
I'm going to try and get out of the birthday weekend. I don't think it will work but I can try.
Have a good day Thursday. Tell me about it on Monday.
See ya!
Hello every body it is I the FOOD PORNO WOMAN, I don't know what to say I'll go
D'oh. i can't believe i lost my concert ticket, if only i'd had a reaching broom to find it. Cherryl is giving out nuts, mmm sacrilicious forbidden (do)nuts!. who's the Wasric world record holder now?!?!
TODAY IS CHEESE DAY!!! Yay!!! but I forgot it was cheese day, untill it was 3:30 this morning, when one of my non libstud mates was saying they were lactose intolerrent... but I prefer brains... mainly from menza. mmmmmmmmmmmm......... brains.

Liz Of The Dead.